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Branch Audio Recording

Capture Interactions Between Customers and Your Employees

branch-recording.jpgIn order to optimize their operations, today’s branches need to be able to capture and monitor face-to-face interactions between employees and customers. Contact centers have relying on recording technology to ensure quality and security of telephone interactions for many years, and capturing face-to-face interactions can provide similar benefits across branch locations.

The business need for branch recording can vary considerably by organization, but often it is driven by regulatory compliance, quality concerns or a focus on sales effectiveness. Banking and other industry regulations can be very different by region, and recent efforts globally to protect consumer rights make it important for organizations to use technology to ensure the right procedures are followed. Having an electronic record of each customer conversation can help organizations monitor and evaluate the performance of their staff to ensure they are following required regulations and policies.

Branch recording can also support quality programs by providing a record of each customer interaction. When combined with Quality Monitoring, managers can evaluate each employee and score interacts relative to performance objectives. This reinforces the importance of a quality customer experience and helps identify which employees need coaching to modify behavior and drive desired results.

Another application for branch recording is in sales effectiveness—to support the organization’s need to help drive revenue and meet sales goals. Branch recording can be used to evaluate employee behavior and monitor that each is following prescribed sales processes and best practices to complete sales activities and generate sales. Verint Branch Audio RecordingTM is a scalable, robust recording solution that can capture both the audio portion of the interactions between employees and customers via phone or face-to-face as well as capture the screens used by an employee during the inquiry or transaction to support compliance, quality improvement and sales performance. With Branch Audio Recording your organization can:

  • Record sales discussions in the branch environment to evaluate that the right offer and sales disclosures, rates and fees are presented to consumers
  • Retrieve and review conversations for quality and compliance
  • Centralize and archive recordings for retrieval as needed to help verify compliance, resolve disputes, and more
  • Comply with applicable regulatory requirements for recording sales interactions
  • Share examples of proper and improper interactions through coaching and eLearning to improve individual performance

Verint Branch Audio Recording can deliver extended benefits when used in combination with other functionality within Verint Branch Workforce Optimization Suite, including Quality Monitoring and Coaching, and Speech Analytics.


Branch Audio Recording