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Verint Back-Office Desktop and Process Analytics

Gain Insight into Your People, Processes and Work

Verint Back-Office Desktop and Process Analytics captures and measures activities directly from the employee desktop to help you gain valuable visibility and insight what your employees are doing, when, and how across your enterprise.

Imagine if you could:

  • Find hidden capacity and recapture idle and non-productive time for improved employee utilization
  • Increase productivity by automating data propagation from one system to the next, decreasing handle time and error rates. The solution also provides personalized guidance during transactions to help ensure process compliance
  • Improve processes by mapping and analyzing them in near real time to identify variances, bottlenecks and opportunities to streamline steps
  • Flag and receive alerts on potentially non-compliant activities for further assessment to help your organization reduce risk.

Find Hidden Capacity


Application Analysis, a component of Desktop and Process Analytics, aggregates employee application usage and presents it in a variety of reports that highlight total time logged into the desktop, time in production (core systems and activities) and non-production-related time (e.g. chat, idle, games, web searches).. Managers can quickly identify non-compliant behavior and coach employees to decrease non-productive time, improving overall employee utilization and productivity while reducing costs. Organizations typically achieve a ten percent savings by reducing idle and non-productive time.

Increase Productivity


Process Guidance can automate many data entry and process steps for employees and provide real-time guidance via next best actions, helping to reduce data entry errors and processing times. The solutions also relieve many of the more tedious, repetitive tasks which can negatively impact employee satisfaction. By shortening processing times and reducing rework due to errors, more items can be processed with the same number of employees

Improve Processes

process-100.pngProcess Discovery enables managers to create visual process maps through automated mapping to show how employees are executing their work or activities, the paths they are following, how many are following which paths, the number of variations, and the possible bottlenecks. Process Analysis breaks down processes into individual steps and helps monitor handle times as items move through the processes. Together the solutions can help organizations identify best practices and opportunities to streamline and improve processes

Flag and Receive Alerts

alert-100.pngApplication Event Triggering enables organizations to create user-defined, screen-based triggers, which can capture key strokes, screen opens, field entries and values, movement between applications, and more. These “triggers” can be used to avoid the capture of sensitive data, tag recordings or transactions for easy retrieval, and generate an alert for a manager that an employee has performed a non-compliant activity, such as skipping address verification or accessing a record not related to their role.