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Impact360 Quality Monitoring for Back-Office Operations

Processing and quality problems in the back-office can contribute to customer dissatisfaction, call volumes and increased operating costs.  It is more critical than ever to deliver consistent, accurate and thorough goods and services.  Verint Quality Management for Back-office Operations automates the capture of employee transaction screens, and the administrative tasks associated with monitoring, tracking and measuring organizational and employee performance, while providing visibility into the quality of work performed.

The solution’s online evaluation forms make it easy to monitor and evaluate employee performance. You can view employee desktops and transactions in real time or define business rules to capture them automatically, enabling you to focus on interactions by customer type, escalations to supervisors, compliance issues, and more. Captured screen interactions are tagged and stored automatically for easy, intuitive search and replay.  The automated and streamlined processes free up manager time for employee coaching and development.  The solution also helps raise the bar on employee performance by using actual transactions and evaluations to clearly illustrate errors and opportunities for improvement to the employee. 

Armed with this insight, your business can improve efficiency, employee skills, and customer satisfaction as well as reduce errors and rework, streamline processes, drive down costs, provide staff with better coaching and training, and enhance your organization’s accuracy, turnaround times, and customer service.