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Impact360 eLearning for Back-Office Operations

Enhance back-office employee skills with targeted training delivered to the desktop

Deliver Web-Based Training to Staff Desktops

In the back office, as in other parts of the enterprise, ongoing training is critical to optimizing workforce performance. Yet, few operations can afford to let service levels slide while staff attends classes. Additionally, many back-office employees may work from remote or home offices, making classroom training costly and impractical.

Verint Back-Office Workforce Optimization provides Web-based eLearning functionality that delivers training right to employee desktops. Plus, it enables staff to complete training courses during down time and quite periods without leaving their desks. Pop-up alerts and email notifications inform users about scheduled learning events, such as lesson assignments, lesson times, or lessons approaching a due date.

Verint eLearning is a practical way to address employee skill gaps and bring staff up to speed on processes, programs, and regulations.

Training Targeted to Employee Skills

With Verint eLearning, you can select courseware for delivery to employees and then track course completion and subsequent job performance to determine the effectiveness of the training.

Courseware can be assigned in three ways:

  • Automatically: Verint eLearning automatically triggers training assignments based on Verint Performance Scorecard results.
  • By supervisors — Based on their own observations about employee strengths and weaknesses, supervisors can manually assign training to individuals or groups.
  • By employees — Employees can manually assign lessons to themselves to proactively improve their skills.

Verint eLearning helps back-office managers provide targeted learning quickly, efficiently, and conveniently.

Flexible Courseware Content

With Verint Back-Office Workforce Optimization, your can develop interactive eLearning content in just a few hours using basic skills. You can also create and edit learning clips from interactions that your organizations has recorded to highlight best practices and areas for improvement. Or you can use AICC-compliant courseware purchased off the shelf.

Verint eLearning augments classroom training and promotes best practices and desired behaviors throughout your back-office operations.

Verint eLearning is fully integrated with the Verint Workforce Optimization portfolio for back-office operations. Find out how these solutions can help your back-office operations. Contact Verint today.