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Impact360 Performance Management for Back-Office Operations

Performance management scorecards: track, analyze, and improve back-office employee quality and productivity

Challenges of Back-Office Performance Management

Organizations are increasingly challenged to reduce back-office inefficiency, improve performance quality, and operate more cost effectively. But, a large and growing workforce with a variety of skills and expertise, some working in house and some working remotely, makes it difficult to assess, compare, and improve staff performance. Additionally, performance data that is housed across various back-office systems and manual processes are often not measured at all. This complicates performance management initiatives and can make it virtually impossible to determine if the back-office workforce is achieving performance goals. Research shows that operationally effective organizations have mechanisms in place to track, monitor, and manage work down at the individual and team levels of performance.

Verint Performance Management Overview

Verint Performance Management helps back-office operations more accurately measure and improve workforce performance: first, by defining key performance indicators/KPIs and next, by using comprehensive back-office data to populate performance scorecards that assess employee performance against KPIs.

Verint Performance Management is fully integrated with other Back-Office Solutions, including Volume and Data Capture, which can gather performance data from virtually of your back-office systems, as well as from electronic logs and files, and Forecasting and Scheduling. This integration provides Verint Performance Management with richer, more comprehensive data for assessing performance, identifying skill gaps, and measuring improvement.

The Performance Management Process

Verint Performance Management draws on Six Sigma principles, specifically DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control). To begin, Verint Business Consulting develops a project plan that includes:

  • Review of your organization’s strategic initiatives
  • Observation and definition of processes in order to identify targeted areas for improvement
  • Implementation of Verint Performance Management software to measure, analyze, and promote improvements.

Verint Performance Management Dashboard

Verint Performance Management includes sophisticated performance analytics that integrate and analyze data from a variety of systems across the enterprise. Verint Performance Management presents this data in an executive dashboard to help management identify areas of improvement and drive operational excellence. The dashboard features business process, compliance and performance intelligence and displays alerts when performance in key areas drops below acceptable levels. Executives can then drill down by department, team, or individual to determine the causes of unacceptable performance levels.

Verint Performance Management Scorecard

Verint Performance Management dynamically populates employee performance scorecards with your back-office data. Using these scorecards, back-office managers can view, compare, and report on staff performance. The scorecards and KPIs are role-specific and can measure performance against goals on a daily, weekly, quarterly and annual basis.

Verint Performance Management scorecards can be distributed daily to employees. They are an excellent way to communicate with employees on their progress in meeting company, team, and individual goals. The scorecards show employees their performance trends over time with regard to specific metrics/KPIs.

Completed activities are placed on Performance Management scorecards manually by employees or automatically via systematic data feeds. The scorecard has a multi-level reporting (employee, team, department) structure.

Verint Performance Management scorecards encourage back-office employees to take responsibility for their performance and proactively address skill gaps prior to formal evaluations. They also provide managers with a comprehensive view of employee performance with respect to specific quality and productivity goals.

Find out how Verint Workforce Optimization solutions can help your back-office operations. Contact Verint today.