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PCI and Recording Encryption

Protect Customer Data to Help Ensure Compliance and Privacy

The proliferation of e-commerce has made data security a top priority for many organizations. In response, a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was released several years ago and subsequently revised by the PCI Security Standards council.

Verint Impact 360 Recording and Impact 360 Quality Monitoring provide security options to help organizations achieve compliance with the PCI DSS. Both solutions use AES 256-compliant encryption to protect data when it is recorded, in transit, and archived. Flexible security features allow users to configure and operate the solution based on the policies specified by the standards. This optional functionality includes a separate key management system, enabling users to move, archive, and store customer data while protecting it from unauthorized access.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent (U.S. Pat. 7,774,854) to Verint in the area of recording technology and the protection of interactions and sensitive information as required by the PCI DSS. Among other things, this patent enables companies to mask, encrypt, and/or protect portions of an interaction that contain sensitive information, such as cardholder data, or altogether cease recording for the portion containing that information.