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Verint Analytics-Driven Quality

Use Speech Analytics to Focus Quality Management Programs

Verint Analytics-Driven Quality adds speech analytics functionality and out-of-the-box reporting to existing Impact 360 Quality Monitoring and Coaching solutions. It offers an efficient, effective way to help contact centers go beyond traditional quality monitoring and get started with focused quality management programs.

With Verint Analytics-Driven Quality, you can automate quality assurance while identifying the types of calls that may be the most important. With this innovative solution, your contact center can move beyond random call sampling toward an insightful, focused quality program that incorporates insights gleaned from the voice of the customer.

Verint Analytics-Driven Quality automatically categorizes calls into speech analytics-derived categories focused on situations that can make or break customer relationships, including greetings, escalations, hold behaviors, empathy, and confusion. With the help of a Verint services consultant, the solution can be deployed with ten additional categories to reflect specific business needs. With your categories in place, you can get started quickly and begin seeing results right away. Reports can offer insight into:

  • Distribution of call categories, tagging call reasons or other business topics
  • Agent or group performance by call category, highlighting top and bottom performers
  • Call category distribution over time by specific groups
  • Breakdowns of average talk time (ATT) by categories
  • Overviews of ATT by specific groups across call categories

Focus Your Quality Management Programs

Verint Analytics-Driven Quality can help you gain a better understanding of customer sentiment from categorized calls—an important step toward using the voice of the customer to enhance your quality monitoring program. Outlier management can help you target areas for continuous improvement and can help you spot—and correct—potential issues proactively. Agents can benefit from receiving coaching based on a greater sampling of calls, helping to foster better performance.

Better still, you can share data easily with other areas of your organization, helping to drive improvements in processes and activities that can contribute to the overall customer experience.

Read the Verint Analytics-Driven Quality datasheet.