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Learn how Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection solutions use voice biometrics and predictive analytics to verify customers and detect fraudsters during live calls.


Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection

Use Voice Biometrics to Authenticate Customers Faster and Enhance Fraud Detection

The availability of stolen data to professional fraudsters is rendering KBA or knowledge-based authentication (such as security questions) increasingly inadequate for distinguishing legitimate customers from fraudsters during telephone interactions. At the same time, customers today expect faster interactions and are frustrated by too many security questions. Contact centers are therefore looking for better authentication that improves customer experience and security.

Verint Fraud Detection & Voice Biometrics

Identity Authentication & Fraud Detection Tools

Verint Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection solutions use voice biometrics to verify callers in real time passively, without requiring a password to be spoken. They make authentication faster, easier, and more secure than traditional authentication methods. The contact center can:

  • Reduce agent handle time and costs.
  • Foster a better customer experience by reducing the number of security questions.
  • Enhance fraud detection.

The solution provides two capabilities:

Verint Identity Authentication recognizes the unique vocal characteristics, or “voiceprint,” of enrolled customers seconds into a live call, helping to reduce the number of security questions—and average handle times. This faster authentication can mean a reduction in contact center costs and an improved customer experience.

Verint Fraud Detection uses voice biometrics and other predictive factors to identify professional “fraudsters” on calls by storing a database of known fraudster voiceprints. Fraudsters can be detected even if they answer security questions and dupe agents. This can significantly increase fraud detection rates in your contact center.

Learn how Verint’s solution for voice biometrics in the call center can combat digital fraud:

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Verint Identity Authentication

Verint Identity Authentication

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Verint Fraud Detection

Verint Fraud Detection

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