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Verint Engagement Analytics uses advanced analytics and predictive capabilities to automatically discover insights for customer experience and operating performance in the omnichannel environment.

Verint Engagement Analytics

Engagement Analytics

Use advanced analytics and predictive capabilities to improve customer engagement in the omnichannel environment.

Today’s omnichannel customer service is challenging organizations to capture, consolidate, and analyze interactions with structured and unstructured data across all channels:

  • CRM systems
  • Voice channel and IVR activity
  • Email, chat, and social media
  • Survey responses
  • Web self-service
  • Mobile app
  • Case notes

The volume, richness, and complexity of this data creates both a great challenge and opportunity for analysis. Advanced analytics has the potential to turn this data into critical insights that can transform customer engagement, sales effectiveness, operating costs, market intelligence, and other areas.

Engagement Analytics - Customer Journey Analysis
Engagement Analytics - Customer Journey Analysis

Verint Engagement Analytics is a cloud-based software and services solution that provides an advanced analytics platform for capturing, analyzing, and correlating customer, interaction, transaction, and employee data across channels and systems. It includes:

Business Insights and Next Best Actions

Gain business insights to help you:

  • Measure omnichannel performance.
  • Analyze channel migration.
  • Reduce journey costs.
  • Discover root cause analysis to prevent churn.
  • Personalize engagement with next best actions.

Auto-Discovery and Predictive Capabilities

Automatically discover customer and operating insights and trends.

Powerful Analytics Workspace

Benefit from a powerful analytics workspace with executive dashboards, key performance indicators and trends, filters, and drilldown capabilities.

Having a hard time figuring out the customer journey? Download this white paper to learn ways to help simplify the task.

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Verint Engagement Analytics

Verint Engagement Analytics

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