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Contact Center Solutions


Solutions for Customer-Inspired Excellence

Calls. Emails. Web forms. Surveys. Mobile apps.  Today’s contact center is going far beyond its call center foundation to become the hub of an enterprise, multichannel customer experience strategy.

But regardless of the ways in which customers conduct their interactions with the contact center, they still want personalized, efficient, and secure service—delivered by knowledgeable, skilled employees.  And that’s where Verint can help. Our software and services enable contact centers and other areas of the enterprise to capture and analyze customer interactions across multiple communication channels, then use this information to uncover trends and sentiments, improve staffing and performance, minimize risk and fraud, and optimize the customer experience.

Verint Workforce Optimization

The Verint Workforce Optimization suite enables the systems and people involved in critical customer service functions to share information, work together, and ultimately deliver a better, more cost-effective customer experience.

Verint Workforce Optimization provides unified and integrated functionality to address a broad range of contact center functions, including:

To provide employees and managers with the core benefits of Verint Workforce Optimization from their mobile devices, we offer Verint Mobile, a native mobile application. We also offer Business Impact Solutions—predefined combinations of our solutions and services that address targeted business needs.

Because this functionality all works together, it can provide your contact center with far more value than individual, standalone applications. And your contact center can benefit from simpler, more economical administration and maintenance—along with the convenience of working with a single solution provider.

The result? Your organization can go beyond just capturing the "voice of the customer"—you can use it to drive change across the areas of your enterprise that impact the customer experience, including branch and back-office operations.  With Verint Workforce Optimization, you can drive smarter engagement with customers, enhance employee productivity across the front and back office and deliver the real-time guidance needed to help improve the overall customer experience.