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Text Analytics

Gain Structured Insight into Unstructured Text

Collecting, analyzing, and acting on what your customers say is critical for improving satisfaction—and for the ongoing success of your organization. With Verint Text Analytics, you can capture feedback from multiple channels, interpret it in the context of business objectives, and empower your organization to drive change.

Use Verint Text Analytics to collect, analyze, and act on customer interactions from a variety of text-based communication channels, including:

  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Survey comments
  • Call center notes, customer email, and chat sessions
  • Online news and review sites
  • Business intelligence tools
  • CRM tools, such as Salesforce.com
  • Other internal and external sources

Put the Power of Text Analytics to Work for You

Accessible via a secure, Web-based dashboard, Verint Text Analytics helps you quickly sort through thousands of data points to surface the customer issues that demand immediate attention, as well as those that are starting to bubble beneath the surface. The solution can:

  • Auto-categorize and organize huge sets of text into relevant categories based on automatically detected themes and content.
  • Provide deep-dive insight into customer sentiment, and quickly identify the root cause of emerging issues.
  • Provide accurate results via a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, which interprets parts of speech, entities, sentiment, and linguistic clauses and their relationships.

Get a Holistic View of the Customer Experience

Verint Text Analytics makes it easy to analyze customer feedback, interpret it in the context of business objectives, and use it to drive change. Used in combination with our solutions for Speech Analytics and Enterprise Feedback Management, Verint Text Analytics can help you develop a holistic view of the customer experience by incorporating every interaction via any channel—chat, calls, email, Web, mobile, social media, and many others.

Read the Verint Text Analytics datasheet.