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Text Analytics

Uncover actionable intelligence from text-based customer engagement channels

Since customers are now multichannel, your customer and employee analytics should also be multichannel. With Verint Text Analytics, you can gain deeper insight into customer interactions across text-based, digital engagement channels, including:

  • Web chat
  • Email
  • Social media outlets, including Facebook and Twitter
  • Call center notes
  • Survey comments

Verint Text Analytics can dramatically reduce the time and resources needed to analyze text-based customer feedback. The solution has been designed for use in the contact center, with out- of-the-box metrics that can help you assess operational efficiency and productivity in your text-based channels. Support for conversational analytics can enable you to surface both customer and employee issues and opportunities, so you can take action right away.

Verint Text Analytics includes automated theme detection, grouping together discussion topics and conversational relationships without introducing user bias. Any system generated theme can be transformed into an interaction category for long-term analysis. Verint Text Analytics can continually refine themes and add new themes over time, providing a practical and powerful way to help business users continually stay on top of customer perceptions and what’s being said during interactions.

By deploying the solution in combination with Verint Speech Analytics, you can capture the complete voice of the customer—and employee—across different channels of interaction, interpret it in the context of business objectives, and then act to drive enhanced customer experiences, loyalty, and revenue.

Read the Verint Text Analytics datasheet.