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Work Allocation Manager

Increase Productivity in the Back Office

work-allocation-manager.pngIn busy claims processing, loan production, and other blended and back-office departments, employees can struggle with selecting or prioritizing the tasks they work on each day. Verint Work Allocation Manager is an innovative solution that can help keep employees focused on the most important work items, while enabling managers to better monitor completion.

Verint Work Allocation Manager provides a “smart” list of work items right on the employee desktop. It distributes work items based on predefined rules, such as skills and service levels, and presents employees with a prioritized list of work items for the day. As they work through the list, selecting and completing the items displayed, the solution captures the completion dispositions they’ve selected—such as completed, closed, not in good order, or rerouted—in real time.

With Verint Work Allocation Manager, managers can track employee progress and take action proactively before service levels are impacted, helping to reduce the need for crisis management as work items near expiration. This can help reduce costly overtime, errors, and rework time—which can ultimately contribute to enhanced customer satisfaction. The solution can report the timing of each change in status, archive item audit histories according to a schedule that you define, and save histories indefinitely—a benefit for investigating customer inquiries or complaints.

Verint Work Allocation Manager incorporates key functionality from KANA® Enterprise, including KANA Case Management, and KANA Employee Desktop. Although the solution can provide functionality right out of the box, a professional services engagement can help you configure it to accurately model your organization’s staffing and work.

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