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Branch Operations

For years, retail financial institutions have relied on their branches for their customers’ routine transactional needs and to provide a high-quality local customer experience. In today’s challenging economy, however, there is even more pressure for your branch network to find ways to operate as efficiently as possible to reduce costs while also bringing in new customers and growing their accounts.

Is your branch network producing the highest levels of sales results and efficiency? Does your branch staff provide your customers with a high-quality customer experience each time they enter your doors? Do you have the software tools you need to help maintain compliance with all the latest regulations and requirements? Verint’s Verint Branch Workforce Optimization, Desktop and Process Analytics, Scorecards, Business Impact Solutions, and consulting services can enable your financial institution to get the most – and best – from the people, processes and technology in your branch network to meet your business needs:

Increase branch sales
In order to offset the high operating costs of the branch channel, financial institutions need sales effectiveness tools and other ways to improve their sales revenue. By using solutions for branch operations from Verint, organizations can schedule sales staff outbound calling time to avoid peak teller times, as well as monitor desktop application usage to gain insights and schedule coaching to achieve the best results:

Enhance the customer experience
The most frequent reason customers leave their bank is due to poor customer service. Many organizations today understand the importance of continuously monitoring customer interactions, assessing their quality, and making ongoing improvements to satisfy and retain their customers by using:

Improve productivity and efficiency
With a more accurate forecast and plan, branch networks can automate staff scheduling to reduce both over and understaffing, and model best practice processes to ensure efficiency and productivity. Your organization can use scorecards to measure, motivate and drive preferred employee behaviors. To improve forecasts, staffing and scheduling, our branch consulting team can work with you to provide standard transaction times, identify inefficiencies and recommend operational changes:

Maintain compliance
Although banking regulations and compliance requirements vary around the world, financial institutions can benefit from tools to help them monitor, record and respond to employee activities to maintain compliance.