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Customer Reference Program

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At Verint, we want you to be happy with our solutions, recommend them to others, and benefit as much as possible from your interactions with us.

Through the Verint Customer Reference Program (CRP), we offer a structured means to help you derive real value from being a reference. If you are a current customer, then you are eligible to join. Apply today and start getting more out of your relationship with us beyond our products and services you use.

Program Benefits

As much as you serving as a reference benefits us, the Verint CRP can help ensure that it is just as valuable an experience for you. By participating in the Verint CRP, you can benefit in a variety of ways—from improving your thought leadership, to enhancing your network, to augmenting your personal and career development.

Program Opportunities

The Verint CRP offers an assortment of ways for you to participate and contribute—from peer-to-peer conversations, to success stories, to press, speaking, award, and analyst activities. You select the opportunities of interest to you—whether one or all—so you can take advantage of the right opportunities that drive the right value.

How It Works

The Verint CRP employs a centralized, customer-centric reference process that takes much of the hassle out of being a reference. Your receipt of reference requests will be streamlined and your participation will be effectively monitored and managed per your expectations. In addition, you will gain a dedicated channel for exploring reference opportunities with media, analysts, and other organizations to share your successes with our solutions and advance your industry and customer service leadership.

Next Steps

Apply for membership in either the Enterprise Intelligence or Security Intelligence Verint CRP.

Download the Verint CRP brochure to learn more or to share program details with colleagues to gain broader company participation.

Contact us if you have any questions or need additional information about the Verint CRP.

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