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Cyber Security

For law enforcement, national security, intelligence, and other government agencies

At A Glance
  • Network-based malware detection for national organizations and cyber-security operation centers (CSOCs)
  • Protects against advanced, unknown malware by going beyond signature-based intrusion detection mechanisms
  • High-end cyber security services that include training, consulting, and intelligence services
  • Cyber security experts with extensive background in management of CSOCs and training government organizations


The Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape 

A secure electronic communications infrastructure is vital to a nation’s security, stability, and economy. However, the growing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks present significant challenges to nations worldwide. Among the thousands of cyber attacks occurring daily, the most severe threats are often the silent, multi-staged intrusions, performed by determined and well-funded adversaries, going after carefully chosen high-profile targets. Many of these threats siphon confidential and sensitive information out of highly protected networks, ultimately undermining national security.

Verint Cyber Security Solutions

Verint Cyber Security Solutions are designed to assist national level organizations and cyber security operation centers (CSOCs) in detecting and thwarting cyber-attacks. Our CYBERVISION portfolio includes Verint CYBERVISION Network Security Solutions and Verint CYBERVISION Services.

Verint CYBERVISION Network Security Solutions feature a rich product portfolio designed to help national organizations and Cyber Security Operations Centers detect and thwart cyber-attacks.

The CYBERVISION flagship solution, Verint Advanced Detection System (ADS), provides superior malware detection of signature-less threats by leveraging innovative, machine learning, behavioral algorithms.

Verint CYBERVISION Services include training, consulting, intelligence, forensic investigations, and on-site cyber emergency services.


Our Team

The Verint CYBERVISION team is powered by cyber security professionals with decades of experience across the cyber domain. Our team includes former cyber technologists for large government and national organizations, who have held key roles in building the architectures and infrastructures necessary to secure large, high-risk networks. With vast prior experience in the formation of cyber security operation centers for national organizations, our team is well acquainted with their complex requirements and the formulation of cyber-defense strategies, policies, and standards.