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Lawful Interception

For law enforcement agencies

At A Glance
  • Streamline lawful interception of communications for more effective investigations and building admissible evidence
  • Intercept across a broad range of network types and services, such as LTE/LTE-A, UMTS, GSM, xDSL, Cable, VoIP, IMS, and more
  • Comply with lawful interception standards and regulations, including ETSI, CALEA, SORM, 3GPP, Cable Labs, and others
  • Streamline deployment and operation via ready interoperability with third-party equipment vendors and existing interception systems

The Role and Challenges of Lawful Interception

Lawful communications interception is critical to law enforcement agency efforts to conduct thorough investigations and build evidence that is both admissible and compelling. Nearly every country has adopted lawful interception standards and regulations that require communications content and data to be captured and presented in such a way as to guarantee their integrity and reliability. However, these standards and regulations vary from country to country and region and span a wide range of activities, from the handling of interception warrants to delivery of the communications to the court. Compliance with these regulations and standards is integral to the success of investigations and successful prosecutions.

RELIANT complies with virtually all lawful interception standards and regulations


Verint Lawful Interception Solutions

The Verint RELIANT monitoring center offers comprehensive lawful interception functionality, from the initial warrant to the preparation of evidence for court:

  • Warrant Management – The Verint Warrant Management System provides a fully automated and formalized warrant management process that can be integrated with the RELIANT monitoring center.  
  • Collection Communications are intercepted using lawful interception network elements and methodologies in accordance with international standards, such as ETSI, CALEA, and SORM.
  • Functionality ─ The RELIANT monitoring center incorporates versatile interception parameters that accommodate various legal requirements, such as protecting privileged calls.
  • Evidence ─ RELIANT offers an evidence package that is compliant with worldwide evidentiary requirements. The evidence package includes a digital signature on raw material according to both European and American standards to ensure the authenticity and integrity of intercepted data.
  • Court Submission ─ Intercepted material can be securely exported to a standard DVD equipped with an automatic viewer. This allows prosecutors to share information with third parties in the court system and legal process. This also provides the means for long-term, case-based evidence retention.

Verint partners with leading network vendors to help employ the most cost-effective lawful interception infrastructure to facilitate compliance and lower cost of ownership.

Today, the RELIANT lawful interception monitoring center is deployed in prominent law enforcement agencies worldwide.   

Key Benefits

  • End-to-end lawful interception functionality in a single solution, addressing virtually every facet of the lawful interception process
  • Compliance with lawful interception regulations and standards around the globe
  • Built on decades of Verint field experience, innovation, and technology leadership
  • Enhanced productivity with automated warrant, evidence, and export mechanisms