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Communications & Cyber Intelligence

At A Glance
  • Helps law enforcement, national security, intelligence, and other government agencies neutralize terrorism and crime
  • Facilitates compliance with government mandates for law enforcement and government agencies and for communications service providers
  • Promotes more productive and efficient investigations and cross-agency collaboration
  • Accommodates increasingly complex communications and information media and collects, integrates, and analyzes information from many sources
  • Features solutions for communications interception, Cyber intelligence, service provider compliance, mobile location tracking, Open Source Web Intelligence, and tactical communications intelligence

A Leader in Communications and Cyber Intelligence Solutions

Verint is a leader in communications and cyber intelligence solutions that help law enforcement, national security, intelligence, and other government agencies detect, investigate, and neutralize criminal and terrorist threats.

We provide these agencies with tools and technology to help them address the challenges they face and achieve their mission:

Increasingly complex communications networks and growing network traffic. Agencies authorized to intercept communications require technically advanced solutions that accommodate sophisticated communications networks and a vast amount of communications and data.

Highly complex investigations that involve collecting and analyzing information from multiple sources. Agencies that are responsible for complex investigations require advanced intelligence and investigative solutions that enable them to integrate and analyze information from multiple sources and collaborate more efficiently with various other agencies.

Legal and regulatory compliance requirements. In many countries, communications service providers must comply with government mandates to deliver communication content and data to law enforcement and government authorities.

The Verint Communications and Cyber Intelligence Solutions Portfolio

Designed to quickly make sense of complex scenarios, Communications and Cyber Intelligence Solutions readily handle vast amounts of data from a wide variety of sources. Our portfolio includes solutions for:  

  • Communications interception
  • Cyber intelligence
  • Service provider compliance
  • Open Source Web Intelligence
  • Tactical communications intelligence

Law enforcement, national security, intelligence, and government agencies can deploy these solutions alone or together, as part of a large-scale system designed to generate evidence and intelligence and promote more efficient, productive investigations.

System Integration, Service and Support for Optimizing Your Operations

Our comprehensive service and support promotes smooth deployment and operation of your Verint solutions within your existing infrastructure. Verint provides comprehensive system integration services built on our field-tested methodologies for timely, large-scale deployments. Read more about Verint Service and Support.

Partner with Verint for Greater ROI

Verint partners play an important role in providing our customers with advanced technology, superior performance, and maximum return on investment. We have established relationships with leading organizations in a wide range of complementary industries, so that we may offer our customers unsurpassed value and provide our partners with the expertise, superior solutions, and collaborative relationships that come when partnering with an industry leader. For more information about Verint Partner Programs, contact us at marketing.lis@verint.com.

Find out how our Communications and Cyber Intelligence Solutions can help your organization. Contact Verint today.

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