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Verint Solutions

Empowering Organizations with Actionable Intelligence

Actionable Intelligence is a necessity in a dynamic world of massive information growth because it empowers organizations with crucial insights and enables decision makers to anticipate, respond, and take action. Customers are now more aware of the value they can create by using insights gleaned from large data sets. The amount and types of structured and unstructured data available to customers is growing rapidly and presents new and increasing challenges and complexities. At the same time, organizations that are able to generate Actionable Intelligence from big data are better positioned to create value and achieve their strategic objectives.

Verint has been focused on Actionable Intelligence for more than a decade. Our solutions address three areas of the market:

  • Customer Engagement Optimization—solutions that help organizations enrich customer interactions, improve business processes, and optimize their workforces in order to enhance loyalty, increase revenue, mitigate risk, and manage operational costs.
  • Security Intelligence—solutions that help organizations prevent, detect, neutralize, and investigate crime, terror, and cyber threats, as well as protect people and property .
  • Fraud, Risk and Compliance—solutions that help organizations prevent loss; comply with regulations; investigate cyber, retail, and financial crime; and ensure continuity of business and protect private information.