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Success Stories: eLearning

Accor Customer Contact Centres | Hospitality | Case Study

Accor, Europe's leading global hotel and service industry group, uses Impact 360 Quality Monitoring with Impact 360 eLearning to more effectively evaluate the technical and communication skills of its agents and streamline training, delivering more personalized training that empowers agents to improve performance on their own.

HSBC Mexico | Financial Services | Case Study

One of the four largest financial services companies in Mexico, HSBC Mexico uses Impact 360 Quality Monitoring with Impact 360 eLearning to reduce classroom training, delivering targeted, personalized training tied to performance metrics directly to agents.

International Multimedia Company | Business Services | Case Study

This international multimedia company introduced Impact 360 eLearning to streamline training, reducing agent training costs 10% and accelerating on-boarding by delivering assignments directly to agent desktops based on scorecard results and quality evaluations.

Navitor | Wholesale Printing | Case Study

Navitor uses Impact 360 eLearning to create best-practice learning clips from recorded calls to enable targeted, individualized agent training and coaching – eliminating the need to pull agents off the floor for training sessions.

Siemens IT Solutions and Services | Staffing & Outsourcing Services | Case Study

Global IT outsourcer Siemens IT Solutions and Services (formerly Siemens Business Services) keeps its agents updated on marketing programs and job-related skills and helps its supervisors spend more time coaching via Impact 360 eLearning.