Intelligent Customer Service

Intelligent Customer Service

Make your Customers’ Day

Be armed and ready to anticipate your customers’ needs.

  • Read about Mary’s experience shopping for her son’s birthday

    While shopping, Mary switches from her computer to her mobile phone, adding items to a single cart along the way. She also launches a chat with an agent to get more information. Read how her omnichannel service delivery plays out.

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[understand me]
Deliver the unprecedented speed and information access employees expect, and the performance feedback and coaching they seek. #EngagedEmployee
[know me]
Make it easy for employees to acquire new skills and expertise to boost efficiency, confidence and job satisfaction. #EngagedEmployee
[empower me]
Give employees access to information and tools to support continuous improvement and inspired customer interactions. #EngagedEmployee
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Provide employees with technology that makes the best use of their time and expertise. #EngagedEmployee

  • Analyst Perspective

    Aberdeen Group Executive Summary: Four Steps to Smart Omni-Channel Customer Service.

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  • Proof is in the Pudding

    Learn how a leading multinational insurance company provides a unified approach to the customer experience across channels.

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  • A Better Omnichannel Experience

    Reduce effort for customers and employees with a successful omnichannel contact center.

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