Enterprise Workforce Management Powers Back-Office Optimization

Analytics-Driven Quality Improves Effectiveness

Seriously Smart Organizations are employing speech analytics to
improve customer experience, and bottom line revenues.

Discover crucial insights regarding customer effort and agent performance.

Speech Analytics-Driven Quality Management allows organizations to "listen" to all calls, automate the aggregation of these interactions, and categorize them into topics of business relevance, to support process improvement and agent performance.

Looking to learn more about how you can leverage the power of speech analytics to improve quality management? Read the Ventana eBook: Analytics-Driven Quality Management — Using Speech Analytics to Assess All Call Recordings.

Speech analytics users enjoy 3x greater year-over-year improvement in the number of quality service level agreements met as compared to non-users. Five Reasons Companys Should Employ Speech Analytics, Aberdeen Group, 2015
Companies using customer analytics report 58% greater improvement in employees’ ability to do their jobs well. Customer Analytics: How To Make Best Use Of Customer Data, Aberdeen Group, July, 2015
An analytics-driven quality program remains one of the easiest ways to accrue easy-to-measure benefits quickly.Brief: Three Key Practices To Succeed With Speech Analytics, Forrester Research, 2016
We are no longer dependent on deducing the expectations of customers based solely on what representatives tell us they are hearing. Verint’s customer analytics truly helps us uncover issues and comprehend magnitude, so we can address those most impactful to our business and customers. Senior Consultant, Workforce Optimization, Leading Personal Lines Insurer
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    Learn what top industry experts say are practices to crafting a speech analytics program that drives improved customer experiences and operational efficiency. Download the Forrester Research Brief "Three Key Practices to Succeed with Speech Analytics".

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Become intimately familiar with how customers perceive their experience at all points throughout the customer journey, and across all customer segments. #EngagedEmployee
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Provide a greater, more in-depth understanding of customer wants, needs and pains to ensure organizations can meet and exceed customer expectations. #EngagedEmployee
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Ensure customer feedback is fully leveraged to effect change in the organization. #EngagedEmployee
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Enable more effective use of enterprise resources for quality management. #EngagedEmployee

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    Four Ways to Transform Quality Management
    with Speech Analytics

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    Charting a Course for an Analytics-Driven Quality Program

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