Digital Disruption Demands Action

Agent Desktop Delivers Differentiation

Seriously Smart Organizations are leveraging Agent Desktop to empower employees to deliver effortless customer engagement.

Empower Your Next-Generation Workforce with More Streamlined Information Access.

Whether you call it "Agent Desktop" or "Employee Desktop," it empowers employees to go beyond expediency to take the course of action that’s more than the path of least resistance – it’s the path of best outcomes.

Now you can magnify all your available customer service resources to the power of one – supporting powerful and resourceful one-to-one personalized engagement between employees and customers.

14% of agent time is spent looking for information across disparate systems. Agent Desktop Optimization, Putting Agents in Charge of the Omni-Channel Customer Experience. Aberdeen Report, 2014
85% of organizations in our research said it is important or very important to improve agent performance. Ventana Research, 2014
Only 17% of agents always meet call-handling targets. Ventana Research, 2014
Best-in-Class firms empower agents with seamless access to omni-channel data and technology tools to enhance agent productivity. The business value of integrating your contact center within your omni-channel strategy, Aberdeen 2014
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Surface information about customer intent and sentiment to give employees actionable intelligence for better, more personalized customer engagement. #EngagedEmployee
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Aggregate context from every point in the customer journey to enable employees to meet and exceed service expectations consistently across all channels and devices. #EngagedEmployee
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Improve employee proficiency to handle increasingly complex customer interactions, with the answers customers need easily and efficiently, and in alignment with corporate compliance and governance. #EngagedEmployee
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Make interactions efficient, productive, and frictionless, making the best use of customers’ and employees’ time, and positively influencing customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. #EngagedEmployee

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