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Customer-Inspired Excellence

The Intelligent Enterprise

Increasingly, companies are adopting a customer-centric management strategy through which customer wants and needs drive a company’s business processes.  Disparate point systems, lacking the capability to analyze captured data in a holistic manner, render valuable information useless because it’s hidden and inaccessible -- resulting in isolated, cumbersome decision-making.  As a result, organizations are denied a holistic view of performance and actionable information, and therefore come up short on effective and efficient customer service across the enterprise. 

Providing Superior Service!


Customer-centric workforce optimization breaks down the barriers between siloed functions across the customer service value chain so organizations can capture, analyze and act on cross-functional information concerning workforce performance, customer interactions and customer experience processes.  An end-to-end offering helps companies uncover trends and discover why certain employee and customer behavior is occurring, while also deploying the right solutions to manage to excellence and achieve continuous performance improvement.

The ultimate result of a customer-centric workforce optimization strategy is an “intelligent enterprise” – an enterprise that continuously strives for excellence in serving its customers and stakeholders.  The intelligent enterprise…

  • Listens to customers and employees to inspire evolution
  • Anticipates trends and proactively addresses challenges
  • Drives innovation and productivity into operations
  • Insists on collaboration, not functional silos
  • Strives for business simplicity

Intelligent enterprises aren't just surviving in challenging times, they are thriving. They are improving internal operations and developing innovative products and services with the help of better insight into customer needs. They are rapidly adapting to changing business conditions. They are increasing customer satisfaction by improving the quality of products and services. And they are doing all of these things with the aid of technology.

In a broad sense, the term "Intelligent Enterprise" refers to a management approach that applies technology and new service paradigms to the challenge of improving business performance.

The Power of the Voice of the Customer


Leading organizations are investing in managing information and developing predictive insights to drive sustainable business results.  These forward-thinking companies are becoming masters at using customer insights to drive operational excellence.  More than just users of WFO and VoC technologies, these companies are transforming themselves into “Intelligent Enterprises” that:

  • Make information-based decisions a core part of the corporate DNA and culture— and this is constantly emphasized and communicated through performance management scorecards, voice of the customer analytics and WFO dashboards.
  • Focus on driving a step change in business outcomes, through effective exploitation of information, and will do this in partnership with customers and suppliers. This focus is managed at an enterprise level through customer experience “big data.”
  • Include executives who make the development and maintenance of analytical capabilities a primary focus, and hire people with the very best analytical skills, including speech, text and EFM, considering them critical to their success.
  • Seize opportunities to generate information, creating a “discover and learn” culture based on numerous structured (survey and panels) and unstructured (speech and text analytics) data points.
  • Make quantitative analytical and intelligence capabilities part of their company’s story, including real customer interactions through listening sessions and aggregate customer experience data via enterprise feedback management.

To learn more about the intelligent enterprise, please see a short Verint video on this topic featuring Ryan Hollenbeck, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Verint Systems.  Please find the video in the right hand margin of this page.

Another informative, animated video provides a light-hearted yet compelling look at using the voice of the customer to drive operational excellence – what we call “customer-inspired excellence.”  You will also find this video in the right hand margin of this page.